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Living Feng Shui DVD

In this information packed DVD, Deborah walks you through the three most important areas of your home.
Packed with useful and do-able tips and filmed at various homes, this is the best way to jump in making Feng Shui a reality for you. Special guest appearance by David Daniel Kennedy (author of four best selling Feng Shui books).

Check out sample clips from the DVD.
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3


Atma Jewels
Atma Jewels

A full line of Feng Shui crystals and gemstones for the home, human and pet. See the collection HERE

Astrology Consultation
Astrology Consultation

A full reading of your birth/natal chart. Includes an .mp3 of the reading sent to you via email. These consultations are done over the phone.


Bagua Decal
4” Bagua decal

Throughout Asia, the bagua is revered as an ancient symbol of peace, protection and good fortune. This red and green bagua decal sticker is reflective and removable, made with the same glass bead material as stop signs and a special 3M removable material that is perfect for vehicles, luggage, backpacks or simply to carry in your purse. It is also weatherproof, so it will not fade or deteriorate. Each bagua is packaged with the blessing of Master Lin Yun to promote safety and good fortune.


Spray Protection
Sacred Aura Spray - Energizing / 4oz.

Use this original blend of essential oils and blessed water created by Deborah to boost and enliven your chi. Spray your environment or around yourself to instantly shift the vibe. A perfect compliment to any Feng Shui-ed home.


Bagua Decal
Sacred Aura Spray - Protection / 4oz.

Use this original blend of essential oils and blessed water created by Deborah to surround yourself with supportive chi. Spray in your environment or around yourself when feeling vulnerable, ill, threatened or stuck. A vital tool while traveling or working in hostile environments. A must for the modern day Feng Shui-er.