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Feng Shui consultations

Feng Shui consultations begin the moment you book them. You fill out a simple form and send us a floorplan (hand drawn or professional). Deborah begins the ‘preproduction’ process by reviewing this information and connecting to your space. At the consultation, Deborah conducts an in-depth interview about the space and your experience in it. You discuss your goals/intentions and create a clear game plan. You give Deborah a tour of the space. This is when she downloads the energy dynamics and begins the diagnostic process.

Deborah literally shows you the ‘life areas:’ the parts of your home or office directly related to specific parts of your life (prosperity, relationship, health, etc.). She teaches you a Feng Shui method to connect you to your environment on a deeper level. You create, as Deborah likes to say, a high-speed chi connection as opposed to a dial up. Deborah walks you through the space and makes all the recommendations necessary for you to directly achieve your goals. All recommendations are made to fit your personal lifestyle, design and budget. She doesn’t ask you to break down walls or totally rearrange your furniture.

You are provided with a ‘tool kit’ that contains support materials, including a supply list to find all recommended cures. Easy and effortless.

All follow up questions (via email or phone) relating to the work provided in the consultation are included in the cost of the consultation.

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Your home is the closest thing to you and therefore has the greatest effect on your entire life. Through a Feng Shui consultation with Sacred Interiors™, you create a space of peace and comfort. You will live in a home that supports you. As a result, you will lead a happier and more prosperous life.

You need to create an environment where your company and its employees will thrive, not merely survive. In today’s world of being overworked and stressed, Feng Shui is an essential counterbalance. With Sacred Interiors™, your offices are diagnosed on multiple levels. The key spots for the CEO, COO and CFO’s are determined. If these are already fixed and unchangeable, Sacred Interiors™ reviews the situation and suggests ‘cures’ to overcome ill positioning. Employee morale, productivity and harmony are guaranteed to increase…not to mention your revenue.

Some companies who utilize the power of Feng Shui are: FedEx, Nike, Intel, Motorola, W Hotels, Honeywell, Citibank, Fuji, and the Trump Organization.

Size truly doesn’t matter. No matter how small your space is – it needs Feng Shui to succeed. Most cubicles are the antithesis of space, but Sacred Interiors™ can show you how to transform your tiny quarters into one of ease and positive productivity.

Best to book a consultation with Sacred Interiors™ before remodeling or renovating. Deborah can assess architectural plans and/or work with architects and designers to recreate a space to enhance your life; not hinder it. Like the tailor said, measure twice – cut once.

Feng Shui is fantastically potent when applied to land. Sacred Interiors™ guides you through your property so you can receive maximum benefit. You’ll learn to apply the energy map to your garden to reap fruitful results.

Arm yourself with education! Sacred Interiors™ diagnoses potential homes and offices by pinpointing the challenges and benefits. This provides you with an outlook to what your experience could be. These evaluations literally save you money, heartache and pain.

Wherever you live or work, you can have a consultation with Sacred Interiors™. These meetings are conducted over the phone just like an onsite consultation. The only difference is that you send photos and/or video of your space beforehand. Genius!

You and your life are different than you were 6 months ago. Make sure your space reflects AND supports that. Just like taking your car for a tune up, your home and/or office needs them too. Tune-ups get you current by resetting your goals and recharging your batteries. Deborah will recommend any and all necessary tweaks for your space. Ahhh, all better.

Can’t decide what color to paint your room? Book Sacred Interiors™ for a color evaluation. Deborah not only takes into account your life goals, she also applies the wisdom of astrology to make sure the colors surrounding you support and enhance each day of your life. Evaluations can be for one room or an entire space.

Feeling weird vibes? Did someone pass away? Has anyone been ill for an extended period of time? Have you had nothing but bad luck since you moved? You need an energy clearing. After assessing the situation, Deborah can perform a multipart procedure to remove the blockages. Deborah refers to these as ‘energy cobwebs.’ Sometimes you don’t even realize how negatively they affect you until they’re gone.

There are a variety of blessings for a variety of reasons. Here are a few:

* New home
* New business
* New baby
* New Relationship
* Groundbreaking for construction
* Completion of construction

For any or all of these situations, Sacred Interiors™ creates a ceremony specific to your needs and goals. Deborah comes onsite to open up the energy portal and lay the foundation for you to be successful in your new endeavor. Celebrate your existence with a conscious connection to the universe.

Are you curious about the ‘blueprint’ of you? At the very moment you were born, the planets were aligned in a specific configuration. This is your birth chart. Deborah guides you through what this chart means by sharing the nuances of what makes you YOU. She gives practical advice to enhance your life by connecting to your vital energy. She can chart specific planetary transits. Having this information allows you to know your life’s road conditions, therefore preparing for the ride is a cinch.

If you’re interested in tapping into powerful transformation techniques, Sacred Interiors™ can guide you. There are hundreds of meditations and other techniques related to Feng Shui that will help you achieve abundance, love, psychic ability and more.

Deborah is a frequent speaker at various events around the country. Some of the topics

An easy 1-2-3 for using Feng Shui - Practical Applications
The Power of Feng Shui Revealed
Feng Shui Spring Cleaning
Feng Shui in the Garden
Your Desk – a Roadmap for your success

Lectures can be tailored to your specific needs or desires. If you’re interested in her speaking at your event, please contact us at:

Deborah leads workshops on all parts of the Feng Shui process to groups of all sizes. Some workshops have been:

Feng What?! - An Intro to Feng Shui
The Ba Gua – The Energy Map of Your Life
Color my World Shui – Using Color to Create Success in Your Life
Feng Shui for Health and Well Being
Feng Shui for Relationships
Feng Shui – Connecting the Internal and External Environment
Harmony in the Office and Turbo Charging your Career

To book a workshop, please contact us at: